Marching into a New Year

In only a bit more than a week, Friday the 8th of March, it will be International Women’s day again. This day arose back in the twentieth century when women fought for equal rights in the fields of labour and suffrage, and has since then become an annual celebration. Although a lot has changed – in a positive manner – since the first held International Women’s day, we aren’t just there yet.

Other than the usual celebration on the 8th of March, here are some reasons why it is even better to join the Women’s March on Amsterdam on the 9th of March!

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HOI: Noemi, Helping Save the World, One Scrap at a Time

Noemi Nedelcev , a BA-2 IBCoM student from Germany who, in her daily life, loves to cook, is interested in the topic of sustainability, and loves visiting concerts.

During all her cooking, Noemi stumbled on the problem of food waste and she decided to delve deeper into solutions for it.                      

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