Sneak peek into two IBCoM courses

Are you an IBCoM student curious about what courses you should take in the next semester? Or are you a student outside of IBCoM and do you want to find out what we study? This blog post will provide you with some useful information about two seminars that you can take from you second year onward.

Before we take a look at these courses, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Jiyul and I am a new blogger of IBCoMagazine. As an exchange student from South Korea, I had some difficulties when registering for the IBCoM courses. The problem for me was that there were too many courses to choose from and I could not make a wise choice only by having a look at the course guide.

So for those of you who want to enjoy your IBCoM courses to the fullest, I have conducted a small interview with the students who are currently enrolled in two unique IBCoM courses. I hope this interview will help you when trying to choose your courses in the future.

CM2036 – Social Media, Prosumption and Identity



Leah Nayeon Lee (Exchange student from South Korea)

Daniel Chay (Exchange student from Singapore)

Brief Description of the course

Social Media, Prosumption and Identity is a course that is open for term one. As the course title insists, this course teaches students about the notion of identity and how it is changing or being consumed through social media. Moreover, by shifting the perspective of social media consumption, the course requires the students to create a prosumption themselves by opening up their own social websites or pages.

What is unique about this course?

Nayeon & Daniel: The most unique and interesting part of this course is definitely the prosumption activity project. For this project, we have to find our own interest and create a social media page by indulging our own interest in it. Most of the students therefore make individual Instagram or Facebook pages, which they relate to their personal interests or identity. Another unique thing about the class is that the professor discusses the weekly projects of students anonymously, after which the students have to guess whose webpost it is by thinking of their colleagues’ personal interests. This is the most exciting part of our seminar as we get to communicate with others about our projects profoundly.   

Can you explain a bit more about the project?

Nayeon:  The name of my page is “‘The Lives of Women”. Personally, I really like my project page. I have high interest in feminism and I wanted to express myself by creating this page. This page consists of pictures and interviews of women about their perception of living as a female in modern society. It was really nice to interview various people and to hear about their own ideas and experiences related to feminism. Moreover, I was able to adjust well to the new environment as an exchange student, because I got to meet new people in Rotterdam by asking for interviews and actually interviewing them.

Daniel: My Instagram page for this project is called “The Human Expression”. It is a page about the basic skills of martial arts and about the martial arts practitioners in Rotterdam. Since I enjoy playing martial arts in my free time, it was really exciting for me to actually create a page to promote and advertise my interests to others. I also posted a video of myself talking about the basic skills of boxing on Instagram and it was a special experience for me. Likewise, the project of this course connects very well with individual’s passion and interest.

Would you recommend this course to other students?

Nayeon: I will definitely recommend this course to other students! It is helpful for students who study media since you can keep up with recent media trends by analyzing the changes of social media. Also, the class project is based on your own personal identity, so you can enjoy your assignment unlike most other assignments. For me, it helped a lot to be more brave and active in the process of searching for my identity and expressing it. So why hesitate to register for this course? You will definitely get to know yourself better.

Daniel: Yes I would! It is very different from other courses I have right now in term one. Through this course, I was able to learn more about social identity, which was a new concept for me. And I think this course is very useful since I can continue my social media page even when I go back to Singapore. In Singapore, since there are more people who have interest in martial arts, I want to find more interesting stuff about martial arts and post it on my website. So if you are interested in promoting your own identity or interest to others, you definitely should listen to this course!









CM2052 – Transmedia Entertainment and Marketing




Marieke Fraanje

(Second year IBCoM Bachelor student)



Brief Description of the course

Transmedia Entertainment and Marketing is also a course that is open for term one. It is a course for second and third year students. The term ‘transmedia’ means to spread one coherent story through different media platforms. For instance, the story of Harry Potter is told through different media platforms, such as Pottermore websites, Quidditch games, and Harry Potter Theme Parks. They all have different plots and are not connected to each other, but still share a coherent theme, which is Harry Potter. And this is what is called ‘transmedia storytelling’. Likewise, in this course, students learn about the concept and trends regarding transmedia storytelling. Furthermore, they get to apply it to marketing by studying the real life examples and strategies of corporations.

Why did you choose this course and what is unique about it?

Marieke: I chose this course because I am interested in marketing and PR and I want to study these fields. So this course seemed interesting and appealing to me. For the weekly seminar, we have to do some readings. However, most of the readings are quite short and fun to read with interesting video footages included. Also, since transmedia storytelling is highly related to our daily lives as we watch many TV shows and films through different platforms, the real life examples discussed in the class are very interesting. The most interesting part is that we get to actually apply the transmedia principles we learn in class to marketing by conducting our own ™ campaign as a team project.

Can you explain about the final project of this course?

Marieke: As mentioned in the first question, the biggest part of this class is the final ™ campaign project. In small groups, we have to create and present our own ™ Campaign for a specific brand. The corporation our team chose for the final project is Walt Disney. It was actually very nice to do a campaign on Disney because we all grew up watching the movies. Therefore, it is very nice to study how they make use of transmedia storytelling. Also, we have to suggest a brand strategy Disney needs for the future transmedia market. So this process helps us to think from the marketer’s perspective, not only from the consumer’s perspective as usual.

Would you recommend this course to others?

Marieke: Definitely! This course is very interesting and gives a lot of practical information about transmedia strategies. Since most students are not so familiar with the exact this concept, there is a lot of new and exciting information you can get from this class. Also it is fun to discuss the marketing of brands that you encounter in your everyday life. For example, we discussed in class about Heineken’s ‘Dropped’ campaign, which was part of transmedia marketing. Likewise, there are lots of exciting discussions going on in ‘Transmedia Entertainment and Marketing’ seminar.
We hope that the little sneak peek into these two interesting IBCoM courses will help you picking out courses for next semester or next year and that you enjoyed reading the stories of our interviewees. Stay tuned with our IBCoMagazine blog since there is a lot more coming up!

What’s new?

On the 16th of November the first 2016/2017 issue of the IBCoMagazine will finally be out for you all to read. The editorial team, writers and photographers have started creating unique posts for you to enjoy and we hope you are as excited as we are!

The magazines first issue will focus on “what’s new?!” and following this theme, I thought I would incorporate it into this blog post and answer this question!

So, what’s new!?: I’m new. Hi! I’m Anaelle and I will be one of the bloggers for the IBCoM weblog for the year 2016-2017. I was assigned with writing the first blog post which is a little nerve wracking and a lot pressure, so bear with me please.

I am from a little country known as Ivory Coast, but I’ve lived in Tanzania and The Hague for most of my life. Up until a month and a half ago, I was lying in bed binge watching Stranger Things, enjoying the freedom and lack of responsibility the summer gave me. Today, I am typing this blog post in the Hatta house, which will be my home for the next year.

Though not a lot of time has passed, a lot has changed and I’ve experienced so many new things. During my first night in the Hatta house, I ordered a big pizza and shared with my roommates. We then went to a house party and I played beer pong for the very first time. I sucked at throwing and I made an unfortunate partner, but it was an interesting experience.

This same week the university campus had a mini music festival on campus. It was pretty fun actually and it’s cool that the university offers fun activities. I then went to IBCoM bootcamp where I got to meet a bunch of new people from all across the world, and it was great partying with them in a tiny barn and visiting a local cafe.

Not much later, everything got real and intense. It was weird going from socializing till 2 AM in the morning to reading and working on copious amounts of chapters till 2 AM. The change was so swift it was unexpected. The lectures started and one of the biggest perks is that the earliest classes are at 12, so that’s great for someone who loves sleep as much as I do. The classes so far haven’t been too difficult, but sometimes the workload can get ahead of you.

Moving to Rotterdam has been a pretty cool experience and so far IBCoM has been great. Going from binge watching Netflix shows to studying hard and finding time to explore a city I barely know, has been an interesting little adventure and I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months will bring!

So what’s up in your lives? Let us know what’s been new for you?

See you in another blog post,



P.S. there is a lot coming to the blog, so keep reading and enjoy!


The Intern, episode 5

Leaving the nest – again

by Yanniek van Dooren

Every company needs brand ambassadors. You know, those people who follow everything you do and accomplish and spread the word. Who are always the first to try out new products and services, and get others excited about them, too. Before I got accepted for my internship at ING, the social media manager told me that was one of the objectives of the social media team: to get employees excited about changes and communicate about them on their own social media pages. A year later, whilst wrapping up my internship and preparing to move on, I realize I will leave the organisation as one of those ambassadors. Not because anyone asked me to or because I feel like it’s part of my job, but because I truly appreciate the organisation. And here’s why.

First and foremost, this internship allowed me to learn more about myself and the field of communications than I could ever have imagined. I was actively encouraged to choose and follow my own path, to explore my own interests and to work on projects that I was truly excited about. Remember my last blog post, where I wrote about my experience working on a campaign to encourage positive feedback in the organisation? That wasn’t part of my job description, but I was invited to take on this project because my colleagues knew how much this topic interested me. These kinds of opportunities not only helped me explore my drives and career ambitions, but also tremendously increased my work satisfaction.

And then there’s the culture. Imagine working at a bank: static buildings, stern people, steep hierarchy, right? Well, not at ING. If you’ve read my second blog post, you know that ING NL is going through a restructuring to makethe organisation more flat, innovative, and flexible. During my time in the organisation, the restructurCouching was still in full swing, people were getting used to a completely new way of working and my office was rebuilt into a Google-like environment to keep up with the changes. The space on the picture is one of the “living rooms” of our floor. Not what you would expect a bank office to look like, right?

But throughout all this change, everyone I met was incredibly motivated to make it all work. That was very inspiring to me: the motivation and ambition to show the world that a bank can be radically different from what most people think. And it’s the people who work there who create and reinforce that culture every day.

Today was the last day of my internship at ING’s Center of Expertise Communications. I finished all the work I had left, handed over my work laptop and phone, and said my last goodbyes before leaving the office for the last time. And as I stepped through the familiar revolving door into the rainy outdoors, I realize just how much this office had become my home. For the second time this year, I was moving out. But this time, it was with a suitcase full of great experiences, new friends, valuable lessons and a lot of self-confidence.

Goodbye ING, I’m sure we will meet again.