Revamp Your Room: Student Hacks


Spring has come! Or let’s say: supposed to come any minute now… There are some good days and other days it feels like winter never ended. However, even if it is slowly, summer is definitely coming! And that means that it is time to start making our room summer-proof. Now, I don’t mean the serious things like air conditioning and clean sheets. I’m talking about the perfect time for redecorating your space – student style!

Plants & Picture Frames

The most simple way of decorating is buying some plants or picture frames. Plants are a great way of bringing some color and life into your room without too much effort. Plants don’t even have to cost effort, money or time. Are you not very great at sustaining plants like me? You can always decide upon a cactus, or when that is even too much for you, buy a fake one!

Even easier yet than having plants, another idea is to decorate your room with some picture frames. You can find some great (cheap) frames in stores like HEMA and use them to display your pictures of your siblings, friends, parents, family, your best friend and you, holiday pictures… more than enough options to choose from! It will immediately make your room feel less empty and whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of a great memory you shared with that person.


Pillows, pillows and more pillows!

Pillows are a great way to give your room a bit more style. There are hundreds of different pillows and pillowcases you can choose from. Just pick some that fit the rest of your furniture. You can go from sophisticated black to sparkly pink and all the happy yellow and warm red colors in between.

Trophies and Medals

Did you win some cool (or weird) competition when you were younger? Or maybe you have simply received some participatory medals for trying. Either way, trophies and medals are a fun, simple way of styling your room. There is nothing wrong with some pride, and when someone comes into your room you immediately have a fun story to tell. Because, aren’t the things with background stories so much more interesting than that fake plastic chicken figure you once bought for Easter and forgot to put away?


Move around some furniture

If you don’t want to add new stuff to your room but you like some change at the same time, it is a good option to move around some furniture. Play and puzzle with the different formations you can make in the space you have with the furniture you got. Rearranging the stuff you already have can be a major change for the ambience in your room. Everything will look different once you are done, even though they are essentially the same pieces. Perfect!

What are your tips on redecorating your room on a budget? Let us know!

IBCoMagazine is Recruiting!

IBCoMagazine is recruiting! For the upcoming academic year, we are looking for three awesome Editors to lead the IBCoMagazine team and make each issue a success.

  1. Editor-in-Chief: in charge of overseeing the execution of the magazine’s strategy, team management, team meetings and the execution of ideas.
  2. Managing editor: in charge of handling internal and external communication, taking care of administrative issues and head of social media and promotional activities.
  3. Copy Editor: responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of all textual content, in charge of the team of bloggers and the blog itself.

Together, you will guide a diverse and international team of bloggers, writers, photographers and designers, and have the freedom to implement your own ideas and ambitions. This all will take you about 3-6 hours a week, in exchange for an invaluable leadership experience and, not to forget, a lot of fun. 🙂

Interested? Send us ( a copy of your CV and a motivation letter in which you explain why you’re applying and what you can bring to the team. For questions about each position, contact Fabiënne Vuijk (Editor-in-Chief:, Anaelle Do Rego (Managing Editor: or Clement Taffin (Copy Editor:

Application deadline: 10 May 2018 20:00

What actually is Kingsday?


Festival season is finally approaching and get ready, because the Netherlands can surprise you with an abundance of lively experiences:  Every Dutch festival is a reason to celebrate, eat Dutch food and party, so grab your calendars to mark the best of the Netherlands’ upcoming festivals!

2nd of June: The Crave Festival

The Crave Festival in The Hague is an electronic music dance event among the several huge festive multidisciplinary art events — more than 200 — in several venues all over the city. A few names for the 2018 lineup are Alienata, Aurora Halal, DJ Stingray, among others. Check it out at

16th of June: Flag Day (Vlaggetjesdag), Scheveningen

The harbour, crowded with fishing boats and lined with restaurants that serve up fresh seafood, is where the Dutch herring fleet is launched with a colourful Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) Netherlands festival, held annually on the first or second Saturday in June. Fishermen’s wives dress up in their traditional costume. The fleet then returns with the new season’s herring catch, amid much fanfare. For more:

15-17 of June: Pinkpop, Landgraaf

This huge pop and rock Dutch music festival, held in the city of Landgraaf in Limburg, has been running since 1970, making it one of the oldest in the world. Its name comes from the Dutch pinksteren meaning Pentecost, which is when it’s traditionally held. It’s a three-day festival with all-star lineups from the worlds of rock, pop, dance, electro, hop, indie, punk, folk, alternative and more. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars are a couple of the headliners for the next festival, on 15-17 June 2018.

13-15 of July: North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam

This jazz Dutch festival began in 1976 and has run annually since then. The performances in the three-day event are held in an indoor sports arena and a concert venue, Rotterdam Ahoy. Although the audiences are big the festival still seems to retain an intimate atmosphere. The 2018 programme opens on 13 July and continues until 15 July.

July: Rotterdam Summer Carnival (Zomercarnaval)

Now more than two decades old, this carnival welcomes more than one million visitors to Rotterdam for the Dutch answer to Rio. Latin music and the vibrant energy of Brazil are played by more than 25 bands marching noisily through the city streets. At night, revellers can enjoy live music performances played on two stages in the city centre. In 2018, the carnival starts on 27 July, the Battle of the Drums is on 29 July, and the street parade is on 29 July.