“I want to be vegan but I cannot live without cheese.”

“I need my scrambled eggs for breakfast. Veganism is definitely not for me.”

“What if you go to a restaurant where doesn’t have any vegan options?”

These are the things I usually see on the social media or hear from my friends who are interested in being vegan but don’t have the courage for it.

I’m not going to talk all about all the benefits veganism provides for our body and environment since you can find all the information you need from somewhere on the internet. I want to give some advice to the ones who are trying but just have some guilty pleasure making them give up on a vegan diet.

By making simple changes, you can have a plant-based lifestyle and, trust me, it can be quite easy to be a vegan in the Netherlands. Here are five things you can do when you need to “veganize” your options.

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HOI: On productivity and the beauty of failing

IBCoM is notoriously known for its diverse pool of creatives. One tutorial group only could consist of a songwriter, a YouTuber, an audio engineer and an eloquent dream student. Very rarely, however, do we see all of those talents come together in one human being.

Samuel Vitikainen (or Sam) is the embodiment of such a phenomenon. It’s therefore admirable for someone with such a respectable resume to be as humble and reflexive.

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The Universal Meal : Shakshouka

During the exam period or while being overloaded with assignments, a lot of students are stuck studying the whole day on campus or at home. We simply don’t have enough time during the day to do groceries shopping. All that is left are pasta-salads from Spar, bread with cheese, pizza delivery and maybe Tosti with ham the other day.

But how long are you able to sustain this diet?

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