Marching into a New Year

In only a bit more than a week, Friday the 8th of March, it will be International Women’s day again. This day arose back in the twentieth century when women fought for equal rights in the fields of labour and suffrage, and has since then become an annual celebration. Although a lot has changed – in a positive manner – since the first held International Women’s day, we aren’t just there yet.

Other than the usual celebration on the 8th of March, here are some reasons why it is even better to join the Women’s March on Amsterdam on the 9th of March!

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Internships, A Guide

With fourth term almost knocking on our doors, us second year IBCoM students are starting to get closer to the scary, but exciting internship period.

Some of you might already have a secure intern spot in your favourite company, others are yet to start applying, and then there’s people like me who check their inbox every second in hope that someone was impressed enough to reply. Whatever your situation is, here’s a guide to help you nail your internship and possibly be rewarded with a full-time job when the time comes.

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Blue Checks Hurt Chicks

Ask any of my friends – none of them would hesitate [at all] to tell you that, I, Giani, am single-handedly the worst texter they have ever encountered in their lifetime. This definitely has some truth to it. To be honest, I’m probably postponing a text while writing this post right now.

I read a text message, think to myself “let me just finish this one thing and I will immediately text her back” and before you know it; one week and three days have gone by, I missed twelve appointments and it is most likely too late to text back that one classmate that asked to borrow a pen during our research workshop.

Truth be told, it never is my purpose to ignore any of the texts I get. Some of the people that receive the silent treatment are people I talk to on a daily basis, and people that I love very dearly. However, just a few days ago, I received the following text from one of my closest friends;

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