HOI: Noemi, Helping Save the World, One Scrap at a Time

Noemi Nedelcev , a BA-2 IBCoM student from Germany who, in her daily life, loves to cook, is interested in the topic of sustainability, and loves visiting concerts.

During all her cooking, Noemi stumbled on the problem of food waste and she decided to delve deeper into solutions for it.                      

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Blue Checks Hurt Chicks

Ask any of my friends – none of them would hesitate [at all] to tell you that, I, Giani, am single-handedly the worst texter they have ever encountered in their lifetime. This definitely has some truth to it. To be honest, I’m probably postponing a text while writing this post right now.

I read a text message, think to myself “let me just finish this one thing and I will immediately text her back” and before you know it; one week and three days have gone by, I missed twelve appointments and it is most likely too late to text back that one classmate that asked to borrow a pen during our research workshop.

Truth be told, it never is my purpose to ignore any of the texts I get. Some of the people that receive the silent treatment are people I talk to on a daily basis, and people that I love very dearly. However, just a few days ago, I received the following text from one of my closest friends;

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New Year’s Served on a Platter

All of the Erasmus students are already enjoying the winter break and the most magical time of the year. Everybody had been waiting for these holidays, preparing presents for families and friends, making their own New Year’s wish lists and decorating their places. But it goes without saying that the New Year could not be as memorable as it is without a table full of tasty winter dishes! Since Erasmus is quite international, I decided to ask some of the diverse freshmen about their traditions for preparing the New Year’s meal.

Enjoy tasty stories from fellow members of our program and maybe find some dishes that can be included in your New Year’s menu – or all year round, who’s judging?

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