Recruitment for IBCoMagazine has started!

Are you a creative person that enjoys writing or creating interesting visuals? And are you looking for a way to gain experience in these areas? Look no further! We are currently recruiting students from all years of IbCom to join the official magazine of IBCoM; a magazine created by and for the students of our programm. Join us to meet new people and develop valuable skills whilst boosting your CV!


The different positions:

From now until the deadline, which is on Friday the 14th of September we are recruiting people to fill 5 different positions: writer, blogger, photographer, designer, and illustrator. If you are interested, you are welcome to apply for multiple positions, however, be aware that this would also equal an increased workload.

  1. Writer:
    If you apply to become a writer, your job would consist of creating one or more articles for each magazine issue and providing ideas for articles and new content to keep the magazine interesting and relevant. We publish four magazines yearly, one at the end of every semester, and have a team-meeting for every issue where we brainstorm about the theme and interesting topics to write about. Through a series of deadlines you will then work with our editors to finish your article.
  2. Blogger:
    Together with the team of bloggers, you are responsible for keeping our blog active and interesting. This means you will write one to two blog post per month, on average, and collaborate closely with the other bloggers to ensure diversity, coherence and quality on our blog content. Bloggers will have some more freedom in their writing, which also comes with increased responsibility. We are thus preferably looking for people who already have some experience with creative writing.
  3. Photographer:
    As a photographer it is your job to work with team members from all the other positions, so good communication is very important. Your work will differ; you might be asked to create a photospread for the magazine, take pictures to accompany articles or take photographs we can use for our Instagram page. We are looking to find someone who takes initiative and want to let their creativity flow!
  4. Designer:
    The designer is responsible for the visual look of the magazine, making this a very important position, as this determines much of the impression our work leaves on the reader. We are looking for someone who is passionate about design and who has an eye for bringing texts and images together. You will work with InDesign to make sure the magazine looks good online and physically as the magazines may be printed; previous experience with Adobe Photoshop and/or InDesign are a pre-, but not a requirement.
  5. Illustrator:
    For the first time, IBCoMagazine will be recruiting an illustrator for our team! The illustrator(s) will be responsible for adding to the visual appeal of the magazine through original art and doodles for posts. We are thus looking for creative artists with unique art styles, who have some experience with digital art creation.

What we provide: A team of fellow creatives, a ton of experience and a chance to co-create a high-quality magazine, all with free drinks to top it off after team meetings! We will also organize team events, and of course joining our team means adding an extra-curricular activity to your CV, which will look great!

Interested? This is how you apply:

  • Send an email to in which you state your name, year and preferred position. In addition, include a short introduction to yourself in which you explain why you would like to become a part of the IbCom Magazine team (max 200 words)
  • Include your CV, to showcase past relevant (and other) experience.
  • In addition to this, if you are applying to be…
    1. either a writer or blogger:
    We ask you to write a short piece (max 1 page) on a topic of your choice that you think should be included as part of our first issue this year. You have plenty of room to write about something you think is relevant and you’re passionate about – get creative!
    2. a photographer:
    We ask that you send us your portfolio through a google drive link or WeTransfer.
    3. a designer or illustrator:
    If you have previous experience in this area, we ask you to send us some of your work. You are welcome to apply if you do not, but it does make it hard for us to develop an idea of your style. Therefore, make sure to take the time to get in to this in more detail in your introduction and possibly add some visuals that represent your style, for example by linking us to your Instagram.

Again: the deadline for application is Friday the 14th of September.
For questions contact us through Facebook or send us an email at

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