Post-Exam Parties

Exams are almost over and it is time to think of some nice parties to celebrate that. This weekend, there are (of course) somenice parties at Toffler, Bar, etc. But what about something a bit more extraordinary? Here is a list of some nice parties you will not experience every day:

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 22.41.27After 10 days of non-stop movies, the International Film Festival Rotterdam this weekend comes to an end. Don´t miss your last chance to join the festival during some great movies or one of the daily parties at Schouwburgplein.

The official closing party takes place on Saturday from 11pm onwards. There will be a silent disco as well as different bands and DJs for every favour.

Location: Karel Doormanstraat 278b, 3012GP Rotterdam

  Entrance: free

image3On Friday, there is a big Bar Opening in Club Gen. If you want to get some drinks and enjoy some live music, performances, exhibitions, karaoke and Jenga XL you shouldn’t miss it. There will be analog synthesizer livesets by Elisha Gray and Slaghek and you can see some visual arts projects by Onno Poiesz, ATTAK and Rosa Peters.

Location: Club Gem, Glashaven 42, 3011GA Rotterdam

Entrance: free

25398739_10155708148571068_2023531498598394864_n.jpgOn Saturday, Prspct are back in Rotterdam to celebrate the release of Hallucinators Iconoclasm album. If you like Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Breakcore music, you should definitely check it out. The Prspct agency hosts a wide selection of DJ´s, live acts and MC´s which are all representing their own unique style. For the exact line up check

Location: WORM Rotterdam, Boomgaartsstraat 71, 3012XA Rotterdam

Entrance: 13,95€ in Pre-sale




If you are really into football and want to celebrate this years Superbowl with hundreds of other football enthusiasts, the Superbowl Party by the 010 Trojans on Sunday might be the perfect choice for you.You can get drinks and food from 10pm onwards and the kickoff will take place at 00.30am. There will also be a lottery where you can win Trojans merchandise.

Location: Trojans home, Sportpark de Vaan, Oldegaarde21

Entrance: 5€

COUTURE WEEK: Live from Paris       

Couture Week Paris blogpost.png

The fashion world is officially in the middle of the most hectic and stressful month in the fashion industry:  the Fashion Month. It’s that time of the year again when designers sprinkle their fantasy and imagination on the runway, when bloggers carrying dozens of suitcases travel the world in fancy private jets, but most importantly, it’s that time of the year when most of us mademoiselles would rather have a Valentino instead of a valentine.

New York, London and Milan are one of the top destinations when it comes to fashion shows but let’s talk about the most beautiful one of them all, Paris – where magic is happening on the runways in this exact moment, featuring the one and only Haute Couture. The Paris Couture Week (2018-01-22 – 2018-01-25) is now revealing its Spring/Summer 2018 collections from brands like Chanel, Schiaparelli, Maison Margiela, Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli and Valentino, just to name a few. Haute Couture has been a much-misused phrase along the years but it actually has very specific rules for qualification. Translated literally, Haute Couture is French for “high dressmaking” and is high-end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish and is made from high quality, expensive fabric. The name is French, the rules are French, but you’d be surprised to hear that the term is first linked to the English couturier Charles Frederick Worth, who brought into existence the first haute couture house back in 1858, in no other place but Paris – which has since kept its privileged place among the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world.

From 1858 to our days, Haute Couture has come a long way and has been making history: starting with Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ collection (1947) – which revived France’s fashion industry from wartime austerity – to the first ever couture boutique established by the one and only Yves Saint Laurent (1966); from 2013 when Rad Hourani debuted the first ever unisex couture collection, to 2017 when the guardians of high fashion opened their arms to a growing number of designers and introduced ready-to-wear collections. Couturiers and historic maisons seem therefore to be one step ahead of the rest of the fashion industry and I am sure you (as myself) can’t wait to see what’s in there for us this season. Please take your front-row seat and enjoy jaw-dropping gowns, brides wearing pants and surrealist glamour.


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Ten how to’s: Conquering a Concert


With the start of the new year, one of the most common resolutions I’ve heard – apart from ‘working out’ which, quite honestly, none of us will really work on after the 31st of January as passionately as we do now – is to have more experiences. For someone like me, who likes to be adventurous beyond their budget, one of the best overall experiences happen to be during concerts and music festivals. For most amateur “concerteers”, it can be an intimidating ordeal, and for an international student not very accustomed to the Netherlands, even more so. Here are some of my considerations into conquering any concert:

1) Make a List

By the beginning of the new year, I try to have a list of certain artists I want to watch live – regardless of whether they are coming to a region near me or not. This way, I can create a loose budget of how much I will spend on concerts and/or music festivals to somehow fit into my student spendings. Use trustable websites for purchasing your tickets, and look out for resells by others on Facebook pages just in case. Make sure to check whether or not you need a membership to enter the venue (for example, Melkweg in Amsterdam requires you to purchase a membership to enter the concert).

2) Check your schedule

Of course, it is quite obvious, but you have to make sure that you don’t inconvenience yourself when you’re trying to have fun. Checking your work and school schedule before you buy those expensive tickets to the next Khalid concert is really important – you don’t want it to coincide with an exam or another important event. I keep my school annual calendar and daily schedule added to my Calendar app both on my laptop and phone, but use whatever works best for you to remember those important happenings!

3) Make sure you can return home

I have a few friends who forget this specific thing – going there is only half the journey. Trying to figure out the distance from the concert hall to the train station, or trying to find out if there are people you know who live there, is essential. Also, transportation availability matters. The trams in Rotterdam still confuse me. You can look on many apps to plan in advance, such as the official NS App, RET, and 9292. Otherwise, definitely look into some cheap hostels/housing for one night that are safe and accessible to use.

4) Pack the essentials

Print your tickets, screenshot them, download them. Keep them protected. For the Dutch weather, carry a raincoat for emergencies. Make sure to have some cash on you as well as cards – and make sure they’re protected. And keep some space left for the merch you’ll buy.

5) When buying merch, be smart

It is impossible to resist the temptation to support your favorite artist by using any of their merchandise, but do your research prior to the concert to compare prices – you still have to support them while trying not to starve yourself for a week to compensate. Sometimes, official merchandise on the artist’s official store sites are much cheaper than at the concert venue, plus you can find coupons using websites such as Coupon Hunter for the best deals.

6) Stay hydrated

With the screaming, shouting, singing along, and by simply being in the crowd, dehydration is a common issue. People have fainted during concerts in front of my eyes (and not from being overwhelmed by the artist). Not every concert venue allows you to carry water into the concert hall, however, so you might have to buy a bottle there. Even if you’re drinking beer or any other alcoholic drink, make sure to get enough water in your system. Oh, and pro-tip: take some Vitamin D supplements beforehand. The amount of times I’ve gotten sick because of people around me coughing and sneezing into the air are too many to count, something amplified at these venues.

7) Be Patient

This goes without saying: especially for entrances to concerts, we all wanna try to be as close as possible to the artist, or have a prime spot we want to take. Many people do cut into the queues, but refrain from doing that just for karma’s sake. You can have a friend wait in line for you, but the building anticipation to enter the venue is best shared with a few friends next to you.

8) Be Considerate

If you see someone incredibly short in the midst of tall people, if you can, try to let them in the way. Sure, it sounds like a selfish piece of advice since I am short myself, but if you can see over them, it’s nice to at times help people out. It is frustrating for everyone, even the people who aren’t as vertically challenged as I am, when someone who’s taller than 6’5 tries to get onto the front of the stage. We all do wanna be close to the artist, but just sometimes, a little consideration helps.

9) Take some rest

Before the concert, make sure you’re decently fed but not too full, have had a decent sleep the night before, and will have a not-so-terrible sleep schedule when you get back. If you have a 9 A.M. tutorial the day after and you’ll reach home around 1 in the morning, consider your personal strengths and weaknesses in whether you’ll be energized enough to participate.

10) Have fun

You paid for this experience,  whether in time or money (or both) so make the best of it. Sometimes artists you don’t know or aren’t a huge fan of are also playing. Just go along with it. Move your hands, jump, and if they ask you to shout something back to them, please do. You might wanna save your energy for your favorite act, but what is the point if you’re just going to stand there all limp? If you don’t know the lyrics, it’s alright! Just move to the music.