The problems of an extreme sushi lover

Do you know the tingly feeling that you get when you’re on your way to a sushi restaurant? And do you avoid eating all day, because you’re going to an all-you-can-eat-sushi restaurant that night? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are an extreme sushi lover, just like me. I love sushi, there’s nothing that I love more in life than sushi (okay… that might be a bit extreme, I also love my friends, family, dog and boyfriend), but you get my point.

Lots of people love sushi, so you might be able to relate to this. However, then you also know the struggles that come with being a sushi-lover. If you don’t like sushi or if your love for sushi is not as extreme as mine, then let me introduce you to the three biggest struggles in the life of a sushi lover:



  1. It’s expensive!

This might sound like an open door, but sushi is expensive. As a student, there are many nice places to grab a quick bite to eat, even at the end of the month or before the salary comes in. You could go to Happy Italy or de Stoep, order an entree and a few drinks and finish the night with only 15 euros less in your wallet. With sushi, however, this is not the case, as all-you-can-eat menus are often somewhere between 25 and 30 euros. This is already expensive, but then you have to order drinks and that’s the real problem. The salty soy sauce makes you very thirsty and with 20 cl drinks, you need at least five to help you through each round.


  1. You can’t understand people who don’t like sushi.

Sometimes, you’re in a conversation with someone about food or where to go out for dinner and you suggest going to Sumo or Shabu Shabu and your friend answers: “Well, I have never had sushi before.” “What!!” For me, that’s hard to understand, but it still gives me the opportunity to show these sushi-amateurs how much you can love rice and fish. However, what really baffles me is when people say they don’t like sushi. It’s rice and fish and it tastes delicious: what’s not to like?


  1. Sushi takes away my focus.

sushiWhenever I make plans with my friends to go out and eat sushi, it is literally all I can think about for an entire week. Last Sunday, I went out with my hockeyteam to eat sushi and I was excited for it all week. I was already thinking about nigiri, maki, fried shrimps and seaweed salad on Monday and I still had to make it through the entire week.


I know some of you might think that I’m exaggerating, but I also know that there are people out there who love sushi as much as I do. People who get excited when they see the beautiful colors of the different kinds of fish and vegetables. People who just get really happy when they put that first piece of maki, drenched in soy sauce, into their mouths.

Managing time: the key to successful studying!

Exams are approaching, deadlines got us all sweating — I know it well. After a week of deadline after deadline, with presentations, interviews and even a video project crammed in the middle, I figured it was time to compile a good starter guide to management. If you’re like me in the past and you have no idea how much time to schedule for anything, or no idea how not to start the night before… this is just the post for you! Just promise me you’ll go study or work after this, okay?

Find your biologically productive time

I know a lot of people, like myself, who perform between the time that the sun goes up and goes down again. This is a little inconvenient in winter, but it works fine otherwise. Others, like many of the midnight warriors at Polak, perform under the pressure of the impending night. To each their own, of course. Finding your biological time is not that difficult — ensuring that you use that time to your advantage might be. Either way, here’s a rule of thumb: be well rested before you start working. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time falling half asleep and having to take double espressos to trick yourself into believing that you’re not that tired. Just… don’t do it, kids. We’ve all been there, and we kind of wish we haven’t.


Write down everything you have to do

Yes, that includes that paper that you haven’t written yet. Allow yourself the clarity of writing down all your tasks — even if they’re not academic. I’ve always found that working hard and not knowing just how much you got done is pretty annoying and it can even be demotivating. When studying for large exams, writing out all your chapters and sections that you need to know might make it less overwhelming. You don’t have to tackle everything at once, but crossing off every task makes you feel more accomplished.

Smaller things you can do

  • Prioritise your tasks. Some things have more urgency than others, even though everything is due and whatnot. Still, focusing on one thing at a time is better for your brain and better for your grade.
  • Take breaks! They’re important, even if you feel like you can’t take any.
  • Be realistic about how much you can get done, and realise that there’s also tiny time slots you could not waste.
  • Using a self-timer can work. That way you can schedule yourself to work for 20 to 30 minutes, before giving you a five minute break.

Original New Year’s Resolutions for 2017!

The pressure to come up with New Year’s resolutions and set goals is always at an all-time high at the start of the New Year. As it’s sometimes difficult to come up with resolutions or goals of your own, I am here to help! New year’s resolutions, such as going to the gym and eating healthy, are a little generic and a little overrated, so here are five original ideas you could try to achieve in 2017!


1// Say YES to everything.

No matter how weird or uncomfortable it makes you, in 2017 you say YES to (practically) everything and anything! If a friend asks you to come with them and visit a shady night club – say yes! If a waiter proposes you try the new dish at the restaurant – say yes! If a stranger asks you to take part in a photoshoot for their school project – say yes!

Saying yes no matter how big or small the proposition is, could bring you on an fun adventure that you never expected. Most importantly, it will help you grow and get out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking things through before you do them, like in the movie ‘Yes man’!


2// Go on a solo adventure – learn to love being by yourself.

Pack your bag , bring all of your essentials and take yourself on a solo adventure! Book a flight or a road trip to a place you have always wanted to go to or roam your city and find cool new places.

Through this, not only will you learn to love being by yourself and become more independent, you will also learn not to rely on anyone else and go out there and accomplish your own goals and dreams.


3// Learn something new!

Apart from the interesting things we learn in IBCoM, set some time aside to learn something cool and fun, completely irrelevant to what you’re studying.

Whether you learn to play the ukulele or how to dance, find an activity that could help you broaden your horizon even more. The internet is filled with endless resources, so if you ever get confused or stuck on ideas, Google is there to help!


4// Find a silver lining to every bad situation!

Life is not a fairytale. Whether you like it or not, some things won’t go the way you expect it or want it to go. This year, if something unplanned happens, after feeling upset and disappointed, try and find a silver lining or a positive point in the situation. Not only will this make you feel less upset more quickly, it will also help you have a more positive perspective on life.


5// Volunteer!

Volunteering is always a good idea! It helps those in need around you and it helps you with your personal development as well. This year, make it your goal to set aside some time to lend a hand and improve someone else is life. The university has many resources, reference points and organizations such as AIESEC, so be sure to make use of them!


P.S. Although I am writing this post in January, setting goals and aspiring to achieve something can be done at any time of the year. New beginnings and setting new goals is under your control and doesn’t have to be determined by the start of a new year, months or week. Make 2017 your year by doing what makes you happy!

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!