Internships, A Guide

With fourth term almost knocking on our doors, us second year IBCoM students are starting to get closer to the scary, but exciting internship period.

Some of you might already have a secure intern spot in your favourite company, others are yet to start applying, and then there’s people like me who check their inbox every second in hope that someone was impressed enough to reply. Whatever your situation is, here’s a guide to help you nail your internship and possibly be rewarded with a full-time job when the time comes.

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HOI: ‘Love is the Answer’ with Gabriel Guerra

For the month of Saint Valentine’s day, we interviewed Gabriel – a first-year international IBCoM student from Chile.

You might ask – “What made a person to overcome such a huge distance: all the way from Panama to the Netherlands? Is it a love for studying, passion for the country or maybe everything at once?”.

It may sound surprising – maybe even funny, but it all started with the fact that the ambassador of the Netherlands lived in the same building as Gabriel. Maybe it was a sign or just a marvellous coincidence, but life eventually led him to Rotterdam.

Gabriel fell in love with this city… Quite romantic, isn’t it?

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